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  • Espace - Bassworx DxB
    @Kungfupete: thx
    hello BASSWORX, managed to catch tail end of your show...
    although your not on???????
    DJ Frequency
    eze Relm you had a good day m8?
    yeah all good mate, bit long but not the worst lol, just sorting settings and hopefully give it a trial run in the minute
    DJ Frequency
    okay i'm listening
    DJ Frequency
    that sounds good
    sounds good my end as well
    Hi people thanks for adding me to the site wink
    oi oi, that`s you set up mate.
    DJ Frequency
    who was that connecting?
    DJ Frequency
    playing the lazer advert
    DJ Frequency
    music now
    that was DjRamituppa, i just sent him jingles and hes testing still
    DJ Frequency
    right i put something on Facebay for £100 and 2 people already have offered £50. sad
    people are dicks mate, i had something up saying no offers and guess what, private mail with an offer lol
    DJ Frequency
    don't want much do they
    they take the p**s, normally i over price it so then they can haggle, the think they are getting a bargin then lol
    DJ Frequency
    thats what i've done but i'd still be better of going to CEX
    yeah true mate
    DJ Frequency
    get £60 for it at CEX
    DJ Frequency
    you don't want a Samsung tablet do you lol
    you might get more then that, hold out for at least £80
    haha i got one lol
    DJ Frequency
    worth a try smile
    always mate, i`ll ask the mrs if she wants it for the little one,
    DJ Frequency
    can you believe someone else just offered £50 lol
    haha, cheap feckers lol
    DJ Frequency
    bet there all in the same room laughing
    haha yeah you know that lol
    DJ Frequency
    I only want £60 if you want it Relm
    ok what size screen mate?
    DJ Frequency
    9.6 inch if you like on my page you'll see it
    DJ Frequency
    its white aswell
    ok mate, i`ll have a word with her, will let you know tomorrow, don`t get paid till the end of the month though
    DJ Frequency
    ok it might be gone by then
    Anonymous248130 AE Dubai, AE

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    Come and join our team, Lazer fm is the fastest growing underground music station, we got some of the top up and coming djs and we run a nothing but happy vibe station, if you think you got what it takes then get in touch for more details, contact Dj Relm or any of the lazer fm djs for more info.

    10 July 2016 Uncategorized Read more

    Debut single – Dj Bagpuss – I Saw You Daniel

    This is my very first track “I Saw you Daniel (Eric’s End) (Part 1)”.
    I’ve wanted to produce hardcore breakbeat music ever since I started DJ-ing back in the mid ‘90s. Due to a combination of lack of the necessary technology, time and patience, I did not get around to it back then. Finally, I forced myself to sit down, find some samples and work on a tune – which became this.
    My inspiration has been the dark jungle tracks of 93/94, incorporating creepy chords, haunting piano, deep bass and of course that Amen Brothers breakbeat. When I first “saw” the film from where the vocal samples are taken, I knew that I could use parts of it to make a tune and the agonised cry of “Daniel” clinched it.
    I’m already surprised and very happy by the positive response that I’ve had to the tune, with encouragement to make more (I have several ideas). Hopefully you will all enjoy it too. If you want the tune, please contact me at:
    Thanks to the following for the help, guidance and support:
    GT (Inner Sanctum), RoKo, Libz, Sparki Dee, Nasty Squad, Kutmaster K and all the London Pirate Radio family; Glenn the Viking; Oscar (DJ Karma); DJ Relm, DJ Cham, Slim Sladey, Sound Affected and the Lazer FM crew; Alex Beardy; Nick FX.

    29 June 2016 Uncategorized Read more

    Brand new track – Dj Cham – Flash Pop

    Brand new Happy Vibe Hardcore label Cheerful Choonz present their first release – Flash Pop. With UK kicks, a bouncy bassline, bleeping synths, happy piano and a little breakbeat its got something for everyone!

    18 June 2016 Uncategorized Read more

    New Drum’n’Bass show. Dj Espace – Bassworx DXB

    New show is coming to LazerFm on weekly basis. Live from Dubai, member of Bassworx DXB collective Dj Espace. Starting from 11 June 2016 every Saturday 7pm – 9pm (uk time) he will be play the “full spectrum of Drum & Bass, from Liquid to Neurofunk to Dark Amen Breaks.”

    11 June 2016 New Dj Read more

    Merchandise coming soon

    Coming your way very soon, we are gonna have some new merchandise for sale, this is gonna include t shirts, hoodies, bags, jackets, plus much much more,

    30 May 2016 merchandise Read more

    Lazer Fm Info

    Welcome to Lazer Fm news – here you will find all the new info regarding, new djs, upcoming events for all  the djs and everything Lazer fm related.

    28 August 2014 Music  Music Wordpress Theme Read more